Noon Goons SS18


As a Los Angeles based shop it always feels special to launch new collections from local brands. Los Angeles represent. When it comes to everything that Union stands for in the mix of high / low fashion it takes a brand like Noon Goons to prove a perfect example of this balance. That’s just what they did with their latest SS18 collection. Noon Goons continues to stay true to their no bullshit, Surf-punk roots, yet there is always an element of quality in the clothes that elevate Noon Goons into the high fashion category. Clever graphics, quality fabrics, cut and sew silhouettes, Noon Goons transcends your impression of surf fashion and keeps the Authenticity of an DIY streetwear brand. In the midst of Paris fashion week we were able to catch up with owner Kurt Narmore for a quick conversation on his latest collection.

Can you talk about how the brand has evolved from the first collection to the current SS18? Probably the single biggest thing that has helped evolve the brand is the creation of a core platform of support, a solid team. Most notably I am fortunate to have good friend Mr. Sam Jarou on board as Creative Director and that guy is never short on ideas. Early on execution on ideas was challenging – great ideas but I couldn’t execute. Partly because of limited known resources but also because we didn’t have a process in place and we’d take too long to get it out. We now have established this process and our resources have grown significantly. From idea to 1st sample can take as little as one week. All right here in LA. What does it mean to stay true to your Southern California roots? Snowboarding, skating, surfing, this was second to breathing growing up. Nothing has changed. This is direct influence on the brand. How do you find time to surf and skate while running the brand? I get little skate sessions in almost every day between our office and factories throughout Downtown LA. Not so much on the 8” anymore but I like to cruise this re issue Vision. Finding time to surf has become more and more challenging but no doubt I’m in the water when there is swell. Its therapeutic for me so even on the small days I’ll jump on the soft top just to get wet. Why is it important to you? It’s a way of life. What does it mean to be representing true southern California surf/punk vibes in the high fashion world? Its something I take very seriously. Skateboarding, surfing, punk music, these all definitively shaped the culture of Southern California. I was fortunate to have grown up in this culture as my father was one of the first manufactures of private labeled snowboards and skateboards back in the 80’s. As a kid I would be in the shop and it was always JFA, D.I., Adolescents, Bad Brains, blasting. That shit is in my blood. I want to be able to represent what I know best. What influenced me most growing up. I do my best to portray this through Noon Goons and I think people can see the realness. It’s something they can grab onto. They can feel it. Can you talk about some of your favorite pieces from the collection? I really jive with the Ref Polo. I used a poly synthetic athletic fabric that feels like a soft neoprene but it breathes and is very easy to wear with anything. I also love the Club Cord Jacket in red. The vibrant color mixed with the simplicity of the garment make it an easy to wear head turner. What are you looking forward to in 2018? Talking to Chris and Ricky into a collaborative project!

We couldn't be more stoked on how the gear turned out and we look forward tp releasing the collection this week. You can preview some of the collection in our latest editorial and be sure to stop by the shop THURSDAY for the official release. The SS18collection will be available in store and online Thursday January 25th. Don't fake the funk! PEACE!


Photography: Sam Massey Model: Jack Barnhart