New Brand: SOL (Style Of Life)

A new brand based out of Los Angeles... SOL (Style Of Life) makes High-end durable goods for everyday use. SOL designs products one at a time, studying, researching, and improving every detail. From essentials to accessories, items with distinct style, functionality you can appreciate, and tested durability you can rely on. Sol makes items that work everyday, and everyday items that work better.
Their first release are these hand braided camera straps, available in 2 lengths. They are hand braided and assembled in Santa Monica, CA. Made of 550 paracord; 550 lbs. weight limit and weather resistant. They are pre-soaked to avoid shrinkage. There are hidden ball-bearing swivels to avoid tangling and aid in preventing the metal hardware from scratching the camera body along with rubber O-rings. All of the metal hardware is made of stainless steel and all of the parts are made in the Great US of A or JAPAN. SOL Camera Strap Highlight SOL Camera Straps SOL Camera Straps Available here.