New Arrival: Visvim F-W '12

Fall is in full effect as we continue to receive more goodness from Visvim. For this delivery, we have a mix of different tops, shirts, pants and footwear. A few highlights such as the SS 101 Jacket and Lhamo shirt to an oldie but goody, the 5-Nation and Juneau Weld Shirt. We also received the SS Denim Slim Fit Chino which is a nice twist on your average denim pant. Along with a couple new accessories, we received the EXPORT FBT Bearfoot Pizi which is ONLY sold outside of Japan. Lastly, a Chris Gibb's favorite... the Beuys Trekker Reno. Everything you need to complete an outfit and more.. Visvim Highlight Visvim 5 Nations Highlight Visvim Highlight 2 Visvim Highlight 3 Visvim Bearfoot Highlight Visvim Highlight 6 Visvim Highlight 7 Visvim Beuys Highlight Visvim SS 101 Jacket Damaged Visvim SS Lhamo Shirt Visvim Noragi Chino Visvim 5 Nation Shirt (GIZA)-10 Visvim 5 Nation Shirt (GIZA) Visvim  Juneau Weld Pizi (GIZA) Visvim  Juneau Weld Pizi (GIZA)-6 Visvim  Juneau Weld Pizi (GIZA)-8 Visvim Beads B.D Shirt Visvim Beads B.D Shirt-3 Visvim  Beads T-Shirt Visvim  Beads T-Shirt-4 Visvim SS Slim Chino Visvim Slim Chino-12 Visvim Slim Chino-8 Visvim Slim Chino Visvim Slim Chino-10 Visvim Canvas Bi Fold Wallet Visvim Canvas Bi Fold Wallet Pink Visvim Canvas Bi Fold Wallet-6 Visvim Canvas Bi Fold Wallet-9 2 Visvim Canvas Bi Fold Wallet-10 2 Visvim Canvas Wallet Visvim Canvas Wallet-6 Visvim Canvas Wallet-5 Visvim Canvas Wallet-4 Visvim FBT Bearfoot Pizi Folk-6 Visvim FBT Bearfoot Pizi Folk-4 Visvim FBT Bearfoot Pizi Folk-21 Visvim FBT Bearfoot Pizi Folk-23 Visvim Beuys Trekker Reno Folk Visvim Beuys Trekker Reno Folk-11 Available here.