New Arrival: Visvim

Our last and final delivery of F/W'12 Visvim has finally arrived along with a special spot item. Strictly bags and footwear this time around folks. Ballistic, Corduroy and Reno bags are available in either 20 or 22L sizes. The special yearly spot item is the Virgil Suede - FOLK. It comes in three different colors with contrast color accents on the heel cup. A classic color way from previous years done up once again.
UNION LA Product Highlight Visvim UNION LA Product Highlight Visvim-4 UNION LA Product Highlight Visvim-2 UNION LA Product Highlight Visvim-3 Visvim Virgil Suede Boot Folk-9 Visvim Virgil Suede Boot Folk-16 Visvim Virgil Suede Boot Folk Visvim Ballistic 20L Backpack-3 Visvim Ballistic 22L Backpack-15 Visvim Ballistic 22L Backpack-7 Visvim Lamina Corduroy 20L Backpack-6 Visvim Lamina Reno 20L Backpack-5 Visvim Lamina Reno 22L Backpack Available here.