New Arrival: Visvim

When it rains... it pours! We received a giant shipment of footwear and accessories from Visvim this week. A mix of new products along side some older items. First off, we received a small re-up of Fall/Winter '12 Grizzly boots including, an F.I.L. exclusive, Kudu/Denim Grizzly. We also received a few spot items, which includes the Canoe Moc Mid-Folk in three colors and the classic Serra Boot in an oiled black leather. To top it all off, some new Spring/Summer '13, 7 Hole 73 Folk, Gris Moc Mid, and a variety of styles and colors in Leather Wallets.
UNION LA Product Highlight Visvim 2 UNION LA Product Highlight Visvim-2 2 Visvim Grizzly Mid Folk 2 Visvim Grizzly Mid Folk-11 Visvim Grizzly Mid Folk-17 Visvim  Grizzly Boot Mid FOLK Visvim  Grizzly Boot Folk Denim Visvim  Grizzly Boot Folk Denim-9 Visvim  Grizzly Boot Folk Denim-7 Visvim  7 Hole 73 Boot Folk Visvim  Gris Moc Mid Folk-11 Visvim  Canoe Moc Mid Folk-2 Visvim  Serra Boot-2 Visvim  Leather Wallet-6 Visvim  Leather Wallet L Visvim  Bi Fold Wallet-11 Available here.