New Arrival: Visvim

We have a small but strong release from Visvim. We received two of Visvim's most iconic boot models. The 7-Hole 73 Boot in a light brown Italian leather as well as a premium suede and the Virgil Boot. We are also releasing the highly anticipated Tabi Sashiko. This seasons backpacks have also arrived. We received three different styles and sizes, the 22L Picaro, 20L & 8L Lamina Corduroy.
Visvim 7-Hole 73 Boot FOLK-9 Visvim 7-Hole 73 Boot FOLK Visvim Virgil Suede Boot FOLK 2 Visvim Tabi Sashiko -5 Visvim Picaro 22L Bag-6 Visvim Picaro 22L Bag Visvim Corduroy 20L Bag Visvim Corduroy 20L Bag-9 Visvim Corduroy 20L Bag-4 Visvim Corduroy 8L Bag-4