New Arrival: The New Order Vol. 09

"Abiding by the premise of originate, THE NEW ORDER strives to bring together some of the most established and relevant names around along with unearthing the unknown this has culminated in a fascinating issue for autumn/winter 2013. Beginning with the cover story of UNDERCOVER’s Jun Takahashi, someone who was at the centre of the Ura Harajuku movement of the early 90′s which then lead to his presence being felt globally ever since he first showed in Paris in the early 00′s. Originators in the shape and form of Hiroshi Fujiwara, Shawn Stussy and James Lavelle all feature with insightful content while this is backed up with articles on the likes of Marcelo Burlon, CAVEMPT, musical duo HOLY GHOST! wearing Surface to Air, LOSERS, and Engineered Garments as their presence is felt in various ways across the globe. In addition a handful of labels that appeared under the Versus Tokyo umbrella – Ganryu, Naiisance and Mr Gentlemen – and while the list goes on this is just a start with the magazine featuring 200 pages of original content to guide you through autumn/winter 2013." The New Order Vol. 9