New Arrival: SOT-Black

SOT-BLK is a bagline that is designed, cut & sewn in Los Angeles, California, USA. Each feature on these pieces of gear is drawn directly from a mission requirement of a tactical operation. Elite Special Operations personnel and Law Enforcement’s Special Units members have brought their tactical challenges to S.O.Tech’s veteran designers for over 15 years. These operators don’t just demand durable bags, they require zippers secured for Airborne operations, pockets accessible during surveillance, and low profile for bail out during ambush and burning vehicle scenarios. SOT-BLK is born from this. Beginning with three of the much coveted silhouettes that S.O.Tech has created a cult-like following for, SOT-BLK will focus and refine these pieces with great attention to detail and craftsmanship for the everyday usage. Made for the discerning individual that wants the same specifications needed in the tactical environment, the design will then be infused with cultural insights through materials and storytelling. A stylized professional with sensible tactical cues. SOT Black MACTAC Go-Bag-18 SOT Black MACTAC Go-Bag-16 SOT Black MACTAC Go-Bag-25 SOT Black Tech Go-Bag SOT Black Tech Go-Bag-21 SOT Black Tech Go-Bag-18 SOT Black Mission Go-Bag-13 SOT Black Mission Go-Bag-16 SOT Black Mission Go-Bag Available here.