New Arrival: Sophnet.

It's hard to talk about Sophnet. without talking about Uniform Experiment and vice versa... they're like cousins who ran together throughout their lives and have grown to be like one another, but still maintained a sense of self. Both lines bring to the shop this week some button down shirts that are so good, it's most likely the reason why we all have a closet full of a million button downs! This is the last shipment for the S/S '13 season so get it while you can.
Sophnet. SS Stripe Panel B.D. Shirt
Sophnet. Panel Border Tank Top
Sophnet. Panel Border Tank Top-5
Sophnet. and Visvim Fabro VD
Sophnet. and Visvim Fabro VD-9
Sophnet. and Visvim Fabro VD-8
Available here.