New Arrival: Over All Mastercloth SS'14

Season two for OVER ALL MASTERCLOTH is looking pretty fucking great. OAMC continues to adhere to work wear heritage and patterns, but steps it up with lux, modern day materials and colors. This week's drop includes jackets, lightweight sweaters, button down shirts and some "bullet proof" kevlar shoes! OAMC Chest Stripe Chore Coat OAMC Chest Stripe Chore Coat-5 OAMC Chest Stripe Chore Coat-3 OAMC Traditional Jacket OAMC Traditional Jacket-4 OAMC Mako Jacquard Crewneck OAMC Mako Jacquard Crewneck-4 OAMC Purl Crewneck Sweater OAMC Purl Crewneck Sweater-3 OAMC Purl Cardigan OAMC Purl Cardigan-4 OAMC Pocket Shadow B.D. Shirt OAMC Bandana Insert T-Shirt OAMC Bandana Insert T-Shirt-3 OAMC Shadow Pocket T-Shirt OAMC Radial Lo Kevlar Oxford OAMC Leather Rubberized Belt

Available here.