New Arrival: Over All Mastercloth (O.A.M.C.)

It's finally here! Say hello to Over All Mastercloth, a new brand that can trace its genes back to Carhartt Work in Progress, the European licensee of the American workwear brand Carhartt. Our very own Chris Gibbs, alongside head designer, Luke Meier, have been responsible for getting this brand out into the world of menswear. Check the full line of footwear, jackets, button down shirts, sweaters and pants.
OAMC Thornton Jacket-12
OAMC Thornton Jacket-13
OAMC Renwick Jacket
OAMC Sullivan Sweater
OAMC Sullivan Crewneck Sweater
OAMC Hobson Vest
OAMC Vaux LS Shirt
OAMC Jahn LS Shirt
OAMC Ghost LS Shirt
OAMC Alen LS Shirt
OAMC Alen LS Shirt-7
OAMC Alen LS Shirt-13
OAMC Alen LS Shirt-14
OAMC Frank Boot