New Arrival: Neighborhood S/S '12

Our latest shipment of Neighborhood is strong! We received a few really good pieces from the collection. Who ever said camo is dead? Camo never dies! We got a selection of "Reef Camo" pieces from NBHD as well as other key pieces for the season and a restock on the BDU shirt and Kendall pants for those who missed out on it the first time... Don't sleep! Neighborhood Loco Zip Sweater Neighborhood NBHD Ivy Hunt Jacket Neighborhood NBHD Ivy Hunt Jacket-4 Neighborhood Reed Camo BDU Shirt-2 Neighborhood Reed Camo BDU Shirt Neighborhood NBHD Early C-Shirt-6 2 Neighborhood NBHD Early C-Shirt 2 Neighborhood NBHD King Check C-Shirt -4 Neighborhood NBHD King Check C-Shirt -5 Neighborhood NBHD Reef BDU Pant-5 Neighborhood NBHD Reef BDU Pant NEIGHBORHOOD KENDAL NARROW PANT-2 NEIGHBORHOOD KENDAL NARROW PANT-3 2 NEIGHBORHOOD KENDAL NARROW PANT Neighborhood B.T. Man Leather Gloves Neighborhood Jeep Knit Cap Neighborhood NBHD Suspender SUS. Dot-2 Neighborhood NBHD Suspender SUS. Dot-5 2 Neighborhood NBHD Suspender SUS. Dot-3 Available here.