New Arrival: Carhartt

Where do we begin with Carhartt this week?! First, all you Sid Pants fans out there will be psyched to know that we got more of your favorite pants in! Re-up or maybe give a couple of the new style of pants a try? If pants aren't your thing, check out all the sweaters, shirts and sweatshirts that are also available.
Carhartt Car Lux Hooded Sweat
Carhartt Anglistic V-Neck Cardigan
Carhartt Anglistic V-Neck Cardigan-10
Carhartt Paladin Knit Sweater
Carhartt Camo Crew Sweater
Carhartt Navajo Shirt 2
Carhartt Navajo Shirt-11
Carhartt Navajo Shirt-9
Carhartt Camo Shirt
Carhartt Aldux Shirt 2
Carhartt Sid Pants
Carhartt Sid Pants-16
Carhartt Sid Pants-10
Carhartt Conduct Pant
Carhartt Lincoln Double Knee Pants
Carhartt Dander Pant
Carhartt Dander Pant-11
Carhartt Anglistic Beanie-5
Carhartt Davis Socks
Carhartt Lewis Socks
Carhartt Haakon Socks
Carhartt Haakon Socks-3
Carhartt Native Socks