Exhibit: Mike Kelley

1328188586-kelleyhound Los Angeles is a magical gauntlet for the amazing and the bizarre, the unique and the tragic: All reasons we love it here (so much to do). Today we hit the MOCA and stepped into the world of the genius known as Mike Kelley (1954-2012) . For those not familiar with Kelley, all one needs to know is that he was a true artist in the deepest sense of that word. A man with ties to the Los Angeles area dating back to 1976 he worked in virtually every medium ranging from photography, painting, performance art, drawings on paper, sculpture and building as well as music, and experimental films . The MOCA has assembled the largest collection of Mike Kelley's work to date, over 250 intense pieces ranging between 1974 up to 2012 (the year of his passing). Kelley's work hits subjects such as urban decay, sexuality, boredom, crochet, child abuse and the shrunken city of Kandor (know your DC Comics history?) There is even a listening station where one can listen to early recordings of his group Destroy All Monsters! Kelley's work has a serious post-punk ethos further cemented by associations with groups such as Sonic Youth (1992's Dirty). Enjoy the magical gauntlet and make your way to the MOCA. The exhibit will be free every Saturday for the month of July with an official closing event hosted by our pals at Opening Ceremony July 26th.