Michael Shield's "Anatomy of L.A."

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The Anatomy of LA, consists of large-scale photographs and an 84 page hardcover book, exploring the social and physical themes of Los Angeles and its neighborhoods by photographer Michael Shields. It is a look into the nature of a city that was planned and built unlike any other metropolitan on this planet. The detailed, aerial photographs taken from flights on board active duty LAPD helicopters capture fleeting moments, which are, under most circumstances, reserved for the privileged few. Through his images one can see the environment that these building blocks have shaped and produced, ultimately giving the viewer a new take on the city of Los Angeles.
Michael Shields Anatomy of L.A. Book
Michael Shields Anatomy of L.A. Poster
Michael Shield 101 South at Santa Monica Blvd
Michael Shield 110 105 Facing South-West
Michael Shield 110 105 Facing South
Michael Shield 110 105 Facing West
Michael Shield 110 at the 10 Facing South-East
Michael Shield 110 Freeway near Adams Ave
Michael Shield 110 South From Above Slauson Ave to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach
Michael Shield Downtown LA From Above the Fashion District
Michael Shield Downtown LA Federal Jail and City Hall
Michael Shield LAPD Air Support Above Hollywood Facing Los Angeles
Michael Shield Looking Down on the US Tower Bank Tower
Michael Shield Nickerson Gardens Housing Projects
Michael Shield Palm Trees in South Central Los Angeles