Martine Rose for Union Los Angeles

martine_rose_union_spread_001 We try to keep ya'll up on what we're feeling these days, and this week we couldn't be any happier to share with some of great pieces presented by Martine Rose. We were definitely feeling the 90's vibes with the merch so we spiced the set up and brought out some of our vintage cassettes and the ghetto blaster to add to the ambience. The 'Beermat Hoodie' instantly caught our eye upon arrival, with its use cut up soft towels. A cozy piece to say the least. Check out the looks down below and grab what you can while supplies last by heading here. martine_rose_union_spread_002 martine_rose_union_spread_003 martine_rose_union_spread_004 martine_rose_union_spread_005 martine_rose_union_spread_006