Made U Look: Rose Bowl Flea Market

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madeulook Stepping out into Pasadena this weekend for the Rose Bowl Flea Market, we took a moment to appreciate a few shoppers' choice of fashion on this hot Sunday afternoon. Wether looking to make a statement with their fashion, or keeping it simple, customers all throughout the vast parking lot of merchants had to take into account the strange "winter" weather we're currently experiencing, and with weeklong rumors of rain shower, we were all gifted with a solid 70 degree day. Keeping an eye for some of our favorite brands and styles, we share with you guys a few looks we were feeling that day.
styleguidela04 First up, we get a great interpretation of the "Denim on Denim" look that always seems to come and go. Completed with the Gibbs co-signed Birkenstock Bostons, the outfit is highlighted by a pair of Dr. Collector denim pants and Levi's Vintage jacket. Truly taking a quality over quantity approach to this outfit, we see featured brands that are known for their high quality materials and durability. With garments that take on a custom look dependent on their overtime wear and tear, this is one look that made us take a closer look. styleguidela05 styleguidela06
styleguidela10 Next up we present a few of our favorite skater looks. Breaking out his recently released adidas Matchcourt High RX kicks, chino pants and Thrasher Mag hoodie, this outfit is purely an homage to Supreme. Bringing his friends along for the day's journey, the whole crew's youthful looks rightfully pay their respects to both the old and the new. styleguidela11 styleguidela12
styleguidela13 The youthful skater looks can cover so much of the fashion spectrum, and we get some contrasting styles with this pair of young friends. Where one takes on minimalist approach, featuring Chucks, Chinos and thermal shirt, his buddy lays the foundation for resurrected Terry Kennedy, with his Ice Cream shoes and colorful 90's vintage adidas polo. styleguidela14 styleguidela15
styleguidela07 Whenever our mostly predictable wether gets a little strange, layers should be a quick go to for most. Allowing items to be peeled off when its warmer, and reapplied when its cooler, complimenting layers are always an eye catcher on days like this. One gentleman caught our attention with his WTAPS, Visvim and Champion fit. styleguidela08 styleguidela09
styleguidela01 We can't ever say enough for keeping it simple. On a hot day, a simple fit can definitely go a long way. Catching up with a gentleman who was set to have a productive day while out at the Flea Market, we also noted his casual, yet efficient fit. With the day being filled with long-distance walks and item carrying, a solid solution was comfortable shoes, shorts, light-weight tops and a hat. styleguidela02 styleguidela03