Ladies & Gentlemen... Mr. Salvador Barbier

Under the public eye, the legendary Sal Barbier is known for his Sal Flip and SLB 23 shoe. But behind closed doors in the depths of his lair, where no one can see or hear, Sal is working away on music, cars and animations that are awesooome! However, it is unavailable to anyone but himself... Guess we'll just have to settle for skateboards, graphic tees and denim with exceptional fit that's available on his website to everyone. This week we got some time with Sal to talk about cauliflower and chicken while we dressed him handsomely in a pink Comme des Garcon cardigan. Union: What was the first thing you ate this morning? Sal: Oatmeal. Not that stuff that comes in a packet… like real oatmeal I make from scratch. Union: What was the first thing you put on this morning? Sal: “Ummm… starts with boxer shorts, then I work my way up to Dickies pants. I wake right up and head to the garage usually to do some garage things. Union: Do you play the drums? Sal: No, I play the guitar. Union: What do you think will be the last thing you eat tonight? Sal: I eat the same thing all the time. I’m on a tapout diet plan. I’m on a mixed martial arts diet. Union: Do you do MMA? Sal: Secretly… No. I don’t do it. I don’t want anyone to hit my ear. Have you ever seen their ears? Union: The cauliflower ears? Yeah, it gets all… (gestures to having a swollen ear) Sal: Yeah, that’s why I won’t do it. Union: It swells up and… bubbles. Why? Sal: Yeah, cause you keep hitting it over and over again, it’s like breaking your ear. So the last thing I’ll eat will be… I bet it’ll be brown rice and chicken again. Union: Is that your favorite? Sal: I don’t have favorite foods. It’s all fuel to me. Union: Hmmm… So you see food as purely fuel? Sal: For the most part, yeah. Union: You don’t enjoy when it touches your tongue, swirling around your mouth and going down your throat? Sal: Mmm, not really. Shaniqwa: Are we talking about food or semen??? Union & Sal: (laughter) Union: What’s the last thing you’re going to take off tonight? Sal: Dickies pants. Sal was shot by our lovely friend Shaniqwa Jarvis who always has a camera stuck to her hands, is always shooting photos for a myriad of magazines and advertising agencies and is the photographer behind This Charming Man, a book full of good looking boys, including our own mustached Ryno! Sal wears: Photo 1: CDG Shirt Knit Cardigan, Post O'Alls Engineer S/S Shirt, Fuct Leopard Logo Tee & Neighborhood Military Reef BDU Pants Photo 2: Fuct Orgy Tee, Visvim Slim Chino & Roberu Braided Bracelet Photo 3: Neighborhood Early C Shirt, Mark McNairy x Union Saddle Shoe Version II, Visvim Slim Chino & Oliver Peoples The Soloist Photo 4: Neighborhood Ivy Hunt Jacket & Visvim Slim Chino