Our sorta cool visit to LA Art Show 2016


You've probably gotten an overload of this content on your instagram feed but we thought we'd share some favorites from this weeks LA art convention "LA Art Show".

So I'm not gonna sugar coat it. When you hear the word "convention" you know there's gonna be a lot of shitty shit period! So we had a day out on the town and decided we'd check out the two LA Art shows that everyone was blasting on socials. On a grand scale it was pretty shitty but you can always find good in the bad. Here are some favorites from this years LA Art Show convention.

Ps. Wait for Frida Kahlo's big ass head!

IMG_6214 2

IMG_6238 IMG_6237 IMG_6235 IMG_2017

Everyone and their mom took a shot of this one! #Instaoverlaod