LA Art Book fair


This past weekend The Geffen, here in LA, hosted the annual LA Art Book fair. So the story is you go on Friday, "preview" night to avoid the crowd. As you may notice in the pictures, that was a fail. You can imagine if theres a book-fair in LA and a constantly growing hipster community this event is basically their Super Bowl, and they packed out the stadium. For the most part however the booths were great, Amazing independent zine's and limited editions of signed books by your favorite photographers. Shout out to the guys at "Braindead" too, They killed it on their installation mixed with clothing, scarfs and accessories, and pretty much sold out of all their stock!

IMG_2438 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2437 IMG_2439 IMG_2440

Braindead homies!


We wen't to dinner with Kyle from braindead and his girlfriend, the night ended bad with an unlicensed drunk driver coming from nowhere, to do this! :(