Kogonada on Criterion Designs

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The New Year is here. A great way to start off 2015 is with a little bit of Kogonada. He made a genius trailer for the new Criterion Designs book. A beautifully

crafted companion piece to anyone who is up on the brilliance of the Criterion Collection (believe us when we say there are plenty of folks who haven't a clue

as to how dope Criterion is) whether it be in DVD/Blu form, Hulu, or even those rare cosmonauts that still tinker with the futique known as the laserdisc .

300 pages of artwork commissioned by Criterion including previously unseen concept art, sketches and a gallery of every single release dating back to the

very first Criterion release in 1984 (on laserdisc!). Its a great coffee table book for anyone who loves and understands cinema, and the enjoys the eye candy

that is Criterion.


And like everything else Criterion, these things seems to go out of print very fast. This will be no different.