Keep Gobbling....


After the craze of Black & Fly day...I finally got a chance to go thru my camera add some posts to the blog.

First off we want to thank everyone that came by the store yesterday for Black Fly day was mad fun! Please feel free to come thru over the weekend and check the crew!

Z & PATTY From TANTUM came by and brought me a late birthday gift....not one but two bottles of my favorite Rum. Mount Gay EXTRA OLD in the house!

We decided to crack it right there and kick off Thanksgiving right!!!, where did all my rum go?

going, going...


Round two!

gone in the blink of an eye....

THanks TANTUM crew!

Old school...New School.

Forgot to post this from last week. The kids and I went to OHWOW gallery for this performance art where we got a home cooked traditional Cuban meal.

um, is it tradition in Cuba to serve desert out of a toilet bowl? Solo might not want to eat Cuban again...

um, on second thought..."is that chocolate daddy"? Maybe this Cuban tradition is alright?


Ish told me that he wanted me to add this line here:

Ish is the greatest football player ever!

ahhh...fake throw up humour. always a good time!!!

this just goes to prove that old saying..."as long as it's got sugar, kids will eat anything, even out of a toilet bowl" or something like that...

We shot a Barber Shop shoot for Union last week with our boy Jason. Here are some behind the scene shots... Vid soon to come...

In addition to being LA's best barber...Jason might have found his true extrodinair!

Special cameo from Aartie! Thanks girl, you killed it.

Ryno might have to stick to fashion.

THE PRODUCER: Peter Arbalaez.