Kaw's Jordan 4s


Yo! So you waited in line all night and day and you didn’t get a pair of the Kaw's Jordan 4s? Or maybe you got em, but all they had left was a size 17 and your a size 8? Well the good folks here at Union just found 13 pairs and we are gonna have a little fun before we set them free to the public.

Here’s the deal. We have made 13 “Golden Tickets” and on Tuesday April 4th @ 11 AM, we are going to hide them somewhere mad secret. First 13 heads to find a ticket win the opportunity to buy one of those 13 pairs (on a first come, first serve basis…). Stay tuned to our Instagram for the next couple days as we are going to release a series of clues as to where we hid the tickets. Of coarse we can’t make it too easy so the clues will start off pretty hard and get easier and easier as we go along. Tuesday morning’s post will be the easiest!

Oh, and one more thang…In order to claim your prize if you happen to be one of the lucky winners…you need do a selfie video documenting your hunt. Nothing crazy just a little confessional video on your cell phone telling us how you figured it out. The more creative the better. You will need to share this video with us before claiming your prize and you will need to give us permission to use this video on our website.

Here is your first clue… "strange fruit, only work happening in LA twice”. I know that one was tough…don’t worry they will get easier.