Kapital.... Equivalent to the perfect shit. A case defining quality, a good looker, durable, remnants of the past, and a taste of culture. Keeping it real, when Kapital dropped (pun intended) we flushed it without taking that good long look it deserved. Threw photos on the story for y'all, and pursued to give you content about our upcoming Union & Company release. We'll it's time to revisit. Give it that long gaze it originally needed, next to a small grin and a "fuck yeah, that was a good one." It's our first time carrying Kapital at the shop. We're super stoked considering it's a favorite for a lot of us here. Straight up is some of the illest gear in the shop right now. Some pieces that feel like old relic jackets; put together from vintage bandana fabrics. Breathable and lightweight in a regular cut silhouette - perfect for a cool sunny day. If you follow some of us on Instagram, you can see our very own in house models - Victor Nyuen & Randolf Teopaco - rocking the Silk Rayon button down and Border Pique Boxy Polo in Mexico. That's called product placement y'all. When you see a couple cute honeys like themselves 9/10 people are asking where they got their gear from. Right fucking HERE! Last but not least a big shout out to the fam Gil for coming thru and modeling. Model: Gil Robles | @gilvenivici Photographer: Niko Delgado | @neekkz Styled by: Rique Strong | @sufficiently_madd