I had to bounce to Tokyo to preview the Visvim FW11 line we are bringing out to LA for an upcoming trunk show. I am spending 72 hours in Tokyo and 24 hours in an airplane to get there and back....the things I do for yall to look fly... SIDE NOTE: and I am going to assume that most of you already know this rule but I consider it my duty to inform the few like me who may not have known this. PROBABLY NOT THE BEST IDEA TO EAT SUSHI ON A COMMERCIAL FLIGHT WHEN YOU ARE FLYING ECONOMY (MONKEY CLASS). Lets just say that I didn't know this rule and I gave my self and my fellow passengers some "moments to remember" on the flight home. OK. Tokyo. FIrst stop the craze of Shibuya Next up a little lunch with Hiroki and the Visvim staff. What was on the menu you ask? TURTLE SOUP! oh and Hiroki forgot to tell me this until I finished eating...well anyways, it was actually really good. Next stop the VISVIM SECRET HEADQUARTERS deep in the heart of Meguro. It's really well hidden. The best trick to find it is to look out for a trail of elk shit that leads to a clean white door that seems to come out of no where. ....oh yeah and I you could also look for some crazy fucking car parked outside. Two years ago it was a one-of-one Porche, last year a custom built mini racer and this year... A mil spec super rare MB G Wagon After a long day of work, I felt like a nice relaxing dinner with friends. You know a good steak or some pasta...something chill. Our host Matthew said he knew just the right thing...BLOWFISH? If this looks craze to you, just read more... Fugu (河豚 or ; フグ?, literally "river pig") is the Japanese word for pufferfish and the dish prepared from it. Fugu can be lethally poisonous due to its tetrodotoxin, therefore has to be carefully prepared to remove toxic parts and to avoid contaminating the meat. The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by the law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified through rigorous training are allowed to deal with the fish. However, the domestic preparation occasionally leads to accidental death. Not quite my idea of relaxing...NO FOOD IS GOOD ENOUGH TO DIE FOR! ...but it was actually pretty good. A thought kept running through my head while I was eating. ~If I die my kids will be dipped in free Visvim for life~. It was a night for all things weird and edible...see urchin straight from the shell anyone? SIDE NOTE: The guys dared me to go full dooshbag and keep my hat and shades on the whole night. I did it for the whole trip! Tomoki aka"thugmoki" , Shawn from Supply in Australia and Earn from Surrender in Singapore were all in the place to be...see them here wearing their custom made "Sea Island Cotton" Visvim bibs. After dinner we stopped for drinks at some Yakuza hide out bar in Roppongi. They served these humungous raisins that were twice the size of almonds... really good. Matthew from Visvim was doning his creepy douchebag mustache. Oh, and if you see him, ask him to tell you the story about those beads he is wearing. I'll say this. The Visvim company retreat's get real competitive! I really liked this painting, don't know why? Jet lag eventually set in and I was done for the night.