J.W. Anderson coming to Union LA - The Culture Clash Is getting real


The idea of Culture Clash has been one of our deepest focuses here at union LA in the past years since Chris Gibbs took over in "06" and this week we're going even deeper. Union started in 1989 focusing strictly as a place for streetwear to thrive when there was not one and as we've grown we've been keen on developing a community of collaborative influence. Last year we introduced Raf Simons to you all and this year we're going super deep in the ends of conceptual sartorial with J.W. Anderson. We def try and shy away from an pompous branding and J.W. has recently caught our eye as they've been tapping into youth culture in the past seasons.

This Jonathan Anderson's inspo is the idea of speed. I believe the Idea of speed in the fashion industry and how fast things move yet you have to refrain from producing the evil idea "FAST FASHION". So to keep it ironic you can see there are some snail references in the garments.

Here are some images from the J.W. Anderson Fall/Winter 2016 we're receiving this week. Chill out! This is the runway shit so it's no exactly what we're getting in but you get the idea.

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