Chris Gibbs Diary

Last weekend me and my wife went to NYC for my Bday, and "tied one on" with the crew! GTHBA!

JLO & Raffi in the house.

Jerel & Brendon probably sharing camping or marathon training tips...

Estelle and Beth actin a fool.

Other "friends" of mine. Who all got tattoo's to remind me that now that I live in LA and I am married with kids and married to my job and not traveling the world party to party...

Yo Kahlil...don't be embarassed!!!

Note....don't try and fire eat a candle...especially when you are drunk...the wax will burn you!

Themi and Raj...Thembi, mad at me as per usual.

It's rare that you have pictures of the second just before the night went to hell. Here me an Angelo have the last shot I remember of the night...the dreaded tequilla...shit.

After the party, there's the after party...

GTHBA...thanks everyone. I had a great BDAY!