If You Missed Out Over The Weekend

A couple of local Angelenos, Venice Beach to be exact, by the names of 2Tone and Spanto have started a new line called Born x Raised. Together with a tight crew of friends of family, BxR are able to handle the making of everything, t-shirts, videos, zines and more, all in-house. If you haven't heard of them by now, then you better start paying attention! Over the weekend we had a little party for them at the shop cause we got the exclusives on BxR products. Come through the shop or go to our web store to see what we got. Don't sleep! * Big thanks to Heineken for hooking us up with beers! @bornxraised @black_banditz @black_banditz1 @ninoscalia @union_losangeles @vic_ngyn @vic_ngyn1 @vic_ngyn2 (photos: @black_banditz, @bornxraised, @ninoscalia, @union_losangeles, @vic_ngyn) BORN X RAISED from WHAT YOU STEAL on Vimeo.