If You Fall, Rise Again.

Seven months after the tragic incident that hit Japan in March of 2011, Sendai has slowly been rebuilding itself back up as it was one of the worse area to be hit by the tsunami. F.I.L. Sendai has been closed since then and has now reopened to the public offering exclusive products to customer that have supported them throughout the years. The Visvim FBT is a iconic and staple model of the company. Though reinvented and redesigned many times, it has always been one of the most popular model. As many of you may already know or not know, FBT's are now made in Japan by Visvim's very own factory and has joined the FOLK line which uses natural pigment free leather that helps in the absorption of moisture and rapid evaporation so your feet can breathe. The sole is also stitched onto the upper by hand and is hand detailed throughout the shoe. Here are a few products they are now offering exclusively at F.I.L. Sendai.. We will also be receiving our shipment of FBT's in two different style very soon so keep checking back..