How To Help Someone See Clearly

Nowadays glasses have become an accessory and an acceptable fashion item rather than just a tool to help those who have a visual handicap... at least that's true for those who live in wealthier regions of the world. For the millions who do not have the luxury of seeing an eye doctor and/or access to a pair of optical lenses, glasses are not seen in this light. For example, it is typical for there to be only 1 optometrist for every 1 million people in sub-Saharan Africa! On top of that it is most likely that there are fewer resources, poorer infrastructure, less government assistance and a much poorer and less educated patient base. The ability to see clearly affects our education, our work, our daily life and our health. The Centre for Vision in the Developing World is out to help this problem and have come up with a solution that we think is brilliant in thinking and design! Check out the video below to see how the glasses designed by Professor Joshua Silver works and is already out there helping people of all ages... josh-silverAdjustableSpectacles Josh-Silver-Silver-glasses-zulu