Harun Garments

A couple years back we brought Harun No. 7, a fragrance oil made of attar, into the shop that inevitably sold out every time we would stock up on it cause it smells so damn goooood! Harun has now embarked on a new chapter creating garments based on the same desire to celebrate ancient cultures and ideas. For their introductory season, they are offering a small selection of 5 panel hats and t-shirts inspired by indigenous African and Indian cultures. Coming soon to unionlosangeles.com or buy it at harunintl.com. HARUN_LB_COVER HARUN_LB0001 HARUN_LB0002 HARUN_LB0003 HARUN_LB0004 HARUN_LB0005 HARUN_LB0006 HARUN_LB0007Photos shot by: Capricorn Clark Models: Taylor & Tyler Michael