Found In A Sea Of A Million

Every day we come across a lot of websites, such is our lives now... some are really useful, some mediocre, some just suck and then there are the ones that are brilliant and unique for a number of different reasons. Today we found Not only did we find that this site is a really smart way for the public library system to promote libraries and books, but also because it provides a detailed look into what is happening within our society. What are people reading? Who are these people reading these books? What are the stories of these people's lives? What kind of conversations will they have with others during or after they've read the book? Will they have shifted their perspective on different subjects after reading certain stories or information? There are a million and one questions you can ask with each of the pictures posted! In the end though, it's just simply good to know that people are still reading books to enrich their brains and are helping the print industry stay alive.