For Your Eyes: Sound City

Music, Videos
For better or worse, usually a combination of the two, old things get lost and new things are created when changes occur. The music industry is one, that has for many years now, been experiencing a shift from what was new to the latest and greatest of the now. From where music is made, to the kind of instruments involved, to the distribution process of completed albums, the music industry and the notes and sounds it creates is currently sitting in a whole new world. Recently, Dave Grohl set out to make a documentary film, Sound City, about the legendary Sound City Studios and a very particular mixing console designed and built by Neve. The movie takes you through the countless hours some of the greatest bands spent recording famed, gold records to the slow death of Sound City Studios, to the rebirth of the Neve console after Grohl purchased it from the studio. In the end, you'll walk away remembering why music is great and how the human element of music is vital towards making a great track. Keep music alive! sound-city-418x620