For Your Eyes: Samsara

What a trip life is on this planet is! We watched Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson's new film Samsara this weekend and it's got our heads spinning. Ever think of how many things occur around the world each and every day and all the people who are affected by it? Samsara is like a moving film version of Edward Burtynsky's photographs, where the director and producer searches through 25 different countries to capture the mundane, the breathtaking, the fucked up and the mysterious moments of life on earth. The film does two things for its viewer... 1) Reminds us that the choices we make on a daily basis has some sort of direct or indirect connection to someone else, somewhere on this planet. 2) Awakens that wanderlust nerve and will make you want to pack up and go somewhere... anywhere... because there are millions of experiences out there that need to be felt, smelled, tasted, and soaked in. Watch it...