For Your Eyes: Jiro Dreams of Sushi Is "Like A Concerto"

If you've ever been to Tokyo you know that it's a city jam packed with secrets and surprises everywhere you turn. When you least expect it, you'll stumble upon some sort of space that specializes in _____ and it'll the best thing you've ever encountered in the world! So it was no surprise to see, when watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, that Sukiyabashi Jiro is a three star Michelin restaurant tucked away under the busy streets of the city. This documentary presents how the meticulous nature of Japanese people extend into every aspect of their lives, even in how a tiny 10 seat restaurant cooks their rice, buys their ingredients, and watches how each customer consumes their food. Over the years we have stumbled upon many great brands wandering the streets of Tokyo and/or through word of mouth from our community of friends out there. This movie reminded us of why we have always loved and continue to bring Japanese brands into Union. We know that every material sourced and every stitch made from these brands are of the utmost quality because someone behind the scene has obsessively researched, designed and brought together the best of the best. This diligent attention to detail allows us to provide our customers with products that will last over time, setting us apart from the throw-away shopping culture that big name companies have created for modern society. Underneath Jiro-san's obsession with the perfect piece of sushi, you can see that this movie inadvertently calls attention to the depreciation for quality goods in our world today and reminds us of the importance of appreciating something for its value.