For Your Eyes: Cheap Thrills

We recently laughed, shouted and squirmed our way through a sneak preview of the upcoming film, Cheap Thrills, where we followed a man named Craig who has lost his job and is in desperate need to make some quick cash. Coincidence (or fate?) crosses his path that same night with an old friend and a wealthy couple who are out for a night of "fun". A series of dares with cash money rewards attached occurs throughout the evening, beginning with immature fun that eventually escalate to some seriously fucked up ideas. Questions about our value of money, how sick the human mind can be, and what we're willing to do to make a buck when we're in a bind will arise and make you ask yourself how far you would go if you were in Craig's situation? cheap_thrills_ver2_xlrg

Cheap Thrills In Theaters March 21 from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.