For Your Eyes: Chasing Ice

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Unless you're one of those neanderthals that is still sitting around arguing about evolution, by now we can all agree that something is happening with the earth's climate and that those shifts are rapidly occurring as a result of human activities on this planet. No matter which camp you side with there's a new documentary that you need to watch... Chasing Ice. It is a film that captures photographer James Balog's latest project, Extreme Ice Survey, and his way of communicating to the world that climate change is absolutely undeniable. Balog was, at one point in his life, a scientist that was skeptical of climate change. However, after a photo assignment for National Geographic up in the Arctic, he understood that the planet is in a fragile state of flux and that there is a dire need to formulate a new method of relaying the climate change message. Through time-lapse technology, Balog and his EIS team (many humans and 27 cameras) have shot millions of photos showing rapidly receding glaciers in different parts of the world including, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, Nepal, and the Rocky Mountains. The result is years of photographs beautifully compressed into seconds of videos that tells a story everyone needs to know. Watch the documentary for yourself and see how your opinion changes or augments itself afterwards.