For Your Eyes: Blue Caprice

For three weeks in October of 2002, Washington D.C., Virgina and Maryland experienced a sequence of random killings that had people in a panic. The initial suspect was a male in a white van, who may have had military training. Turned out it was two men, with no military training, driving a Chevrolet Caprice that was cleverly altered to fit one person in a prone shooting position in the back seat/trunk area, with a small hole cut out of the back of the vehicle for the tip of a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle to poke through. Blue Caprice is a fictionalized story based on the two men who were behind the Beltway sniper attacks. The director brings you into the lives of the two with a lot of beautiful cinematographic moments and quiet dialogue that will, for some reason, have you empathizing with the two killers. Watch it. Blue-Caprice-Poster-2 blue-caprice blue blue1 Beltway_sniper_map sniper