Foothills, CA presents a special Zuni collection at UNION.

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This is the first in a three part series...
This part features the Zuni people’s Knifewing pin...
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The rugged beauty of New Mexico, with its sun scorched mountains and electric blue skies, has served as the backdrop to the brilliant Zuni people.
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The Zuni are a Pueblo people who live off the land. All aspects of nature are sacred to them, with an emphasis on the sun, agriculture and animal life, this influence can be seen prominently in their jewelry and other handmade pieces. Part of what makes their culture fascinating is what is not known. Many traditions and ceremonies are kept in secrecy away from non-Zuni. This creates mystery and allure.
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One of the most important figures in Zuni culture is the mythic being known as the Knifewing. It is a heroic figure amongst multiple tribes, and is looked upon as being the Zuni God of War. It is half man, half eagle, with blades of flint knives for feathers, and is equipped with dynamic weaponry such as the Bow of the Skies, the Great Flint Knife of War, and the Arrow of Lightning.
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Foothills, CA are pleased to present these rare vintage handmade Knifewing pins.
They will be available for sale today on-line and in-store. Exclusively at UNION.