Often times some of the best things in life happen when the right minds meet and crossover into each other's realm. This was the case when Chris Gibbs, Claire Distenfeld, and her father, Fred met and hit it off through mutual friends one fine day in New York City. The result of these three minds meeting brought downtown fashion uptown. Claire and Fred own the recently opened boutique, FIVESTORY, a select shop located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And as all you readers know, Chris is the owner of Union in Los Angeles. Seeing that there was an opportunity to do a little something different for their shop, Claire and Fred have been working with Chris to curate their menswear section. The three set out to merge the collection of brands FIVESTORY already had in store with clothing lines that Union has been a long-time supporter of. A fresh flavor for an Upper East Side boutique has emerged and a new outlet for brands such as Neighborhood, Sacai, Parabellum, Wings & Horns, and Comme des Garcons Homme has been established. The best part of these three minds meeting?... if Union is out of a particular item, FIVESTORY can be called in for backup and vice versa! Shopping for those niche brands just got a little easier. So if you happen to find yourself somewhere around 18 East 69th Street, stop in and peep out what’s going on at FIVESTORY. * Below: some images of what FIVESTORY has in store. Sacai Comme des Garcons Homme Neighborhood