Field Tripping: Wombleton Records


Record stores have become an endangered species which makes it very difficult to find one that specializes in rare music from all over the map both in the

literal and figurative sense. Wombleton Records is a gift to the city of Los Angeles. A shop with arguably the strongest selection of vintage records in

Southern California, and a friendly, knowledgable staff. One of our town's better kept secrets.

Wombleton 00

With its quaint storefront in the beautiful Los Angeles neighborhood known as Highland Park, Wombleton Records is one of the finest examples of an

independent specialty record shop on the West Coast.

Wombleton 01

Records from the criminally underrated Rotary Connection, rare Spacemen 3 vinyl, the soundtrack to one of the weirdest cult films ever, a beautiful copy of

The Equals, and the brilliant New Wave of Richard Butler's band. All first pressings.

Wombleton 02

Its rare to get original copies of Happy Mondays, and Primal Scream. For those who love amazing music from the UK. Wombleton really is the top of the

mark. And if you have questions the staff has answers.

Wombleton 03 We love digging through the crates. Real record collectors always do. Wombleton 04 Ever sit down and listen to The Jazz Butcher on vinyl? Or listen to an original pressing Spacemen 3? Come to Wombleton, where they are more than happy

to oblige. African Dub is pretty gnar.

Wombleton 05

Wombleton 06

A beautifully curated selection music from the UK and other cosmic places. The ownership travels through Europe and comes back with artifacts that would

make any real record collector smile.

Wombleton 07 Wombleton 08

Wombleton 09

Ryuichi Sakamoto = genius Wombleton 10 It was said by a friend once, that Strawberry Switchblade were like the Irish SWV before SWV. Wombleton 11

The "P" section is going very very hard.