Field Tripping: The Fabric Store


Down the street from our very own brick and mortar in sunny Los Angeles...

The Fabric Store 00

A unique environment on LaBrea with an endless amount of high quality fabrics for those who like to create.

The Fabric Store 02

The Fabric Store is a New Zealand based company with locations in Australia and now Los Angeles. We stumbled upon this

amazing place while looking for fabrics for a party.

The Fabric Store 06

A friendly, and knowledgeable staff breath an amazing life into the space.

The Fabric Store 05 The Fabric Store 01

Another colorful world.

The Fabric Store 03

Nighttime sewing classes are also available in what was described as a very open, eclectic, fun, creative experience where a

unique blend of people get together and learn.

The Fabric Store 04

A cool thing about The Fabric store is the atmosphere and open space. Its a barrage of beautiful colors, and textures.