Field Tripping: Oiwake

Oiwake Final 01

One of the more slept on spots in Downtown L.A. would be Oiwake. One of those places we don't typically talk about for fear of blowing it up. But ah well, spread the wealth. Oiwake is one of those low key bars that harkens back to a simpler time. Nothing too far out, just a genuine atmosphere with a few odds, and ends (cool things) that make it stand out while keeping the establishment within grasp. There's a slightly gritty element to the structure and location itself in Little Tokyo, that feels worn yet not abused. This gives it a bit of flavor and keeps it interesting. Its a great place where people come to have a drink, relax, eat well, get loud, and maybe do some karaoke.

Oiwake Final 02

Who doesn't want the BASED powers of the Tanuki keeping the food warm ?

Oiwake Final 07 Oiwake FInal 03 - Version 2

Chicken katsudon: This alone is worth the visit in all honesty.

Oiwake Final 06

As mentioned earlier: Karaoke. A great place to goon out with friends, co-workers, or on that solo lurk mission. It also has a large seating area with enough space for lots of drinks and food.

Oiwake Final 05 Oiwake Final 08

A wise man said a long time ago: "If the old heads are here, then its legit".

Oiwake Final 04

This place has a lot of space for large crowds. Thankfully those crowds are balanced, so its still possible to come here and be able to chill and not enter the extremes of the party zone. But when things do go full beast and the atmosphere livens up, there is plenty of space for everyone so as not to not feel crowded. On top of that the staff is polite, attentive, and on their game. Overall a great place to grab a quick lunch, or dinner, watch the games solo or with friends.

Oiwake Final 00

The old signage is dope gives the place some character.