Field Tripping: Market World (Hannam Supermarket)


A trip to one of the best supermarkets in the city of Los Angeles.

Photography: Camille Lepen

Model: Zaq Moul

Market World 00 A killer grocery store located on the edge of Koreatown very close to Downtown.

Market World 01

A local supermarket can tell one all they need to know about a particular neighborhood. Its a great way to understand one's environment

Market World 02 Aisles of ramen and other forms of noodles. One of the best selections anywhere in L.A. Its hard not to lose your mind while here.

Market World 03 Visions of flounder dancing inside your belly? Don't just dream of a life under the sea...

Market World 04 Fresh fish, friendly atmosphere, and a wide selection.

Market World 05

Kimchi makes everything exciting and new!

Market World 06

Its hard to contain oneself when you are hit with a barrage of colors, flavors, and dreams of floating through aisles.

Market World 07

Choices, choices...What are you gonna do?

Market World 08

Stay fresh, stay healthy, stay beasty, and keep going hard. The OG's will tell you themselves.

Market World 09

Trying new things, and expanding one's palette are very important for those with high aspirations. At least we think so.

Market World 10

Battling hunger pangs as they call them, but we managed to stay focused.

Market World 11

Looking for a K-Pop teen idol, somewhere, somehow, someway...

Market World 12 HAMer time!