Feal Mor our other new Neighbors...


We have some other new Neighbors who are actually directly across the street from us. My man, 50 grand JP (the real “worlds most interesting man”).

He has just opened up his Feal Mor store which is store that carries the Feal Mor line as well as a bunch of random dope shit that Jp is into. One of the coolest stores I have seen in a bit.

*Feal Mor Shit * Vintage Militaria *Kafia Scarfs from Yemen *Dope American Ceramic Pottery *Vintage hand made bikes

and you can also get your ass beat in Fuzeball while they bag up your Knit Cycle Beanie.

Next time your in the Neighborhood, Please go through and check them out!

Just across the street, 165 S. Labrea Los Angeles CA 90036. 323-939-6600

the ill Campy belt buckles!

Ceramic mug by Eric Darrow, who studied under Paul Soldner, a legend in American ceramic pottery.

Amsterdam wet suits, best in the world.

Vintage Japanese Indigo scarfs by Judy Augur and Yemen Kafia scarfs

The big fucking tee pee/change room.