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Great menswear collections usually excel in two things: durability and details. Sometimes, it's one or the other, but there are those certain designers and labels that expertly balance both, along with a very distinct brand vision. Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments manages to pull this off every season, while the relatively new Ovadia & Sons are also strongly consistent in delivering clothes that are constructed well enough to be timeless, but modern enough to be "cool." Here's another one of the more promising entries into the modern menswear foray: Over All Master Cloth. A higher-end take on Carhartt's rough-around-the-edges Work In Progress line, O.A.M.C. melds items like shooting shirts, chore jackets, and cap-toe oxford shoes with materials like Harris Tweed, Bison leather, and felted wool. The silhouettes may be familiar, but everything else is elevated.
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