End Of Summer Recap. Pt. 1 (Tokyo)

With labour (yeah I spelled it that way on purpose mother fucker, I'm canadian and that's how we spell it so f-off) day coming up I thought I would recap our crazy summer. Some of these blog posts are a little old but I have been so hectic, I never got a chance to get to them... On my Tokyo buying trip for Visvim I ran into Angelo from Supreme NYC. ...it was his birthday...um...he kinda went hard... breakfast at 6 am after an all nighter... trying to read a Japanese menu is not the move.....fucked up! ATTACK OF THE GIANT KILLER BEARBRICKS!!! Dinner with the fellas. Angelo and Shawn Yates from Supply in Australia. This is the kind of top shelf service I get in Tokyo. We had to sit on the stairs of the restaurant. Angelo with Double fisted middle finger...FUCK YOU TOO! Next up the Visvim showroom. They have been really going hard on the traditional Japanese tip. I am feeling it! My boy Kinishi Ni in the plac to be. Kinishi ni means "I don't give a fuck" in Japanese. DO DEMO EE.... Angelo stuntin in the Visvim showroom Now he's really frontin...acting like he's about to make an order???? Really you cheap bastard. And what's up with your assistant raffi? The crew