Editorial: With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend


Fresh thought forms in the colorful landscapes of the mind, an explosion of creative energy. Her dreams are an astral community that fills her psyche with bravery, repetition, and balance. Experience the ripeness of her journey illustrated with the design of Ganyru, and Shaun Samson...

Art Direction, and Photography by:

Jalan and Jibril Durimel

Fashion by:

Pamela Shepard



basic two photo 4

Motivation Sweatshirt w/pin, Wrestling Tunic T-Shirt, Knife Pleated Shirt by Shaun Samson, Sam T Tweed Trouser by Acne

basic two photo

Mohair Paneled Sweatshirt, Hooded Check Field Shirt by Ganryu, Tartan Trousers by CDG Homme Plus

arm pull durimel

Knife Pleated L/S Shirt, Gaberdine Drop Crotch Pant by CDG Homme Plus, Three Quarter Sleeve BD Shirt by CDG