Editorial: Wings of the Desired


The friendly skies seem distant today. As distant and far away as a crossed lover. Utopia may or may not exist in the skies but

man can imagine the heavens. He wishes they would call for him, he can pretend he is desired there. He can dream that fate has a warm healing touch

especially for him. Can angels with steel wings can make the heavens not so distant? A dream illustrated with the design of Miansai, Luker by NBHD, and


Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by Camille Lepen

Models: Sebastian Galasso



M-51 by Luker (by Neighborhood) , Tapered Twill Cargo Trouser by Krisvanassche


M-51 by Luker (Neighborhood), Elastic Waist Tapered Trouser and Velcro Sneakers by Krisvanassche


Rib Cuff Overshirt, and Elastic Waist Trouser by Krisvanassche, M12 Stainless Silver On Leather Timepiece by Miansai

08 M-12 Stainless Silver On Leather Timepiece by Miansai, M-51 By Luker (NBHD), Velcro Sneakers and Elastic Waist Trouser by Krisvanassche

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