Editorial: Vapour Trail


Like a kaleidoscope around you, feeling so blue can be like time travel. A dream,

of a dream of a place in the sun can. So real that all that is left is a vapour trail, and a forever changing sense of wonder..

llustrated with the style of Junya Watanabe by CDG and Homme Plus...

Art Direction and Fashion by Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs

Photography by Sean Lyles

Models: Sebastian Galasso


Thoughts can start off small. The psyche expands fast and it pays to be comfortable.


Indigo Jacket by Junya Watanabe

0002 0004

Woven Vest, and Pique Trousers, by Junya Watanabe

0005 0003

Pique Trousers by Junya Watanabe


Transformation sometimes...


The wind changes, the psyche expands. The cult of style and expression can change too.


Netted Blazer, Pin Stripe Blazer, Camo Suspender Shorts by Homme Plus

012 013 Front Swivel Shirt, Drop Crotch Trousers by Homme Plus 014